Love Birds (Biography in List Format)


Two-thirds Black Irish. One-eighth Portuguese. Math-challenged Democrat.

Gemini Sun. Capricorn Moon. College graduate.

Mother. Menopausal. Divorced.

Five-feet-five-inches tall, down from 5’6” (and a half). Unequal leg length. Mildly arthritic coccyx. Evidence of slowly creping knees.

Dress size 8, formerly size 6. Shoe size 8, up from 7 ½.

Brunette with graying roots and sudden marionette lines.

Klutz. Closet dancer. Bird lover.

Procrastinator. Artistic. Determined.

Suffers from bouts of PTSD. Chronic TMJ. Lactose-sensitive. Left-brain dominant.

Recovering self-hater. Sometimes author with scopophobic tendencies.

Perfectionist. Wannabe slob.  Introvert with lapses of extroversion.

Highly Sensitive Person. Myers-Briggs INFJ. Enneagram Type 4.

Anxious. Intuitive. Compassionate. Impatient. Laughs easily. Cries easily.

Occasional compulsive shopper. Shutterbug.

May have ADHD.

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