A Mother’s Declaration of Love


I will no longer worry that I’m broken, flawed, or helpless.

I will no longer blame myself for others’ misdeeds or illness.

I will no longer let shame dictate my thoughts and choices.

I will no longer judge myself for changing my mind when it’s what’s best for my body.

I will tend to the child inside me who is innocent, loving, curious, and creative.

I will no longer outsource her care.

I will witness her without pushing her away and keep her safe at all times, under all conditions.

I will encourage her to express herself and when she’s afraid, I will reassure her that I will not criticize, reject, or abandon her.

I will not ignore her out of fear that she’s too needy or will prevent me from doing my ego’s bidding.

I will keep her close, take care of my body and manage my emotions — asking God for  clarity and strength when I’m confused or afraid.

I will put courage and honesty before self-image.

I will choose appreciation and joy over avarice and fear.

I will trust my intuition and practice my faith in the inherent goodness of Life.  


2 thoughts on “A Mother’s Declaration of Love

  1. Hi Lee

    This is just beautiful and it is so inspiring. Thank you

    I came upon your page through a post from Jay. I am Marys sister.


    1. Hi, Jeanine. I’m glad you found inspiration in it. Yes, I’ve heard Mary talk about you, over the years. I feel so blessed to be back in touch with Jay and her, and now to possibly meet you! I may see you on the Zoom meeting one Saturday evening!


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