Book Coaching

“Lee’s coaching style feels natural, helpful and joyful.  She’s guided me to clarify and distill a lot of my writing into a coherent, contemporary vision of my ideas that are better than I could have imagined on my own. Investing in working with a writing coach has saved me tons of time and money, because I know where I’m going, and I know the quality will be solid at the end of the process. I comfortably decided on my writing schedule and pace, in an order that made financial sense for me.” — Allison Broennimann, author of The Secure Self

Receive compassionate guidance from a skilled writer and editor who has worked with leaders in psychological and spiritual transformation

Establish a writing schedule that’s realistic and enjoyable, and give your book the care and attention it needs from you

Uncover your book’s structure and primary focus, allowing both to emerge as you write and revise your manuscript

Lean deeper into your written voice so you can grow your capacity for intimacy with your reader

Hone your vision, message, and ideal reader for your book

Differentiate your book and yourself as an author in the publishing marketplace

Discover a close ally to help you write and complete your book. To set up a free consultation, email Lee

“Over many years, Lee Doyle has been my trusted editor and writing teacher. My own book, which received a 2015 Nautilus Award, benefited hugely from Lee’s wise input…. she understands what underpins good writing and has a knack for sharing her erudition with others.”   — Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of A Wild Soul Woman and Reclaiming the Wild Soul.